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How Ugandan Musicians Can Distribute Their Audio to 250 Digital Streaming

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  • May 20, 2020
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How Ugandan Musicians Can Distribute Their Audio to 250 Digital Streaming

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As a Ugandan artist, digital distribution has become a must in order to reach all your potential fans. And even more so during the current lockdown where artists can no longer have outdoor shows and which has let to significantly reduced ticket sales. An effective and  Smart digital music distribution grows your visibility, not just in your country but globally. It gets your music into as many ears as possible while you are at home. And it helps you get paid for your music according to the reach of your music. Traditionally, distributors got records into stores and labels got people to go buy them (through a promotion). Along the way, each of these middlemen took a percentage of the revenue. Majority of popular digital music distribution companies today known to musicians in Uganda mainly only distribute music to a few American and a few European digital music streaming and downloads platforms and most of their promotional services only target mainly US markets, thereby leaving 40 percent of the worlds population in eastern Europe and Asia untouched. Music distributed through VerseOne Distribution can reach 280 digital music steaming, and download sites and endpoints worldwide including inbuilt music players in some mobile phones such as Samsung and Huawei, airlines such as Virgin Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia Royal Brunei Airlines etc, prisons and correctional facilities in the United States and other locations  worldwide wherever music is being consumed.  VerseOne Distribution can take you there. Now lets begin: 1.Visit http://verseone.net 2. Navigate to http://verseone.net/enter-distribution fill a short application to tell them about your music and catalog. 3. Their onboarding quality control team reviews your application. 4. Once you are approved, a contract will be sent to you via email for signing. 5. After contract signing the onboarding process begins, and account is created on the platform to allow you upload your own music, view analytics and access royalties. Supporting services provided by VerseOne Distribution includes the following 1. Improved video encoding and delivery. 2. Daily analytics for both streams and downloads from Spotify Insights, Apple Music Insights, Deezer Insights, Amazon Insights, Pandora Insights on every product released on our platform. 3. Improved playlist pitching. 6. Improved assets customization, and delivery options. 7. Up to 280 delivery store endpoints. We hope you have a fulfilling experience at VerseOne Distribution.
Let’s assume you are just joining VerseOne Distribution and you want to create a release from scratch. Go to the top right corner click create and then “Product”. Product refers to a musical work such as a single, album or an EP.
Once you click on “product” you will see a floating dialogue box requesting your product name and artwork.
Upload a 3000×3000 pixel artwork, specify a name or title for your single or album, then click on “create”
After creating your product, you will need to add yourself as an artist on the product.
Click on “Add Artist”, and specify your stage name as the artist. If it’s your first time on our platform then click “Add As New” to add yourself. If you had previously added yourself, your name will be listed in the drop down box.
The second artist will then be automatically listed as a featuring artist until otherwise specified. You can then go ahead and add the version of the release, typical versions include remixes, live, studio version etc. Add your record label, Format details (Single, Album, and EP) and Explicit content warnings if applicable.
Then go ahead and fill in the other fields as applicable. All fields with an asterisk (*) are all required fields which must be filled in, without which your release can’t be submitted. 
Now that the product (Album/Single) information is fully filled, it’s time to upload your music track(s). Click “Upload New”.
Upon Clicking “Upload New”, a pop up window emerges and you will be prompted to upload audio files. Click on “Add files to select an audio file from your computer.
After track is selected from the computer, the track title, version and type are automatically added from the file name. You can edit these as best suitable. Please ensure to upload a .FLAC file or a HQ .WAV file and MP3 files are not accepted.
Upon upload complete, click on the track title to fill in the track metadata.
You will be required to add artist in on the track as well, just like you did on the album information. Then continue to add all other required track specific information.
If you name has already been saved on the system as it was saved when the Album information was filled, the previously saved names will be listed in the drop down menu from where you can simply click to select.
After filling in the fields, they should appear as seen here. Concerning the ISRC codes, we will assign those to you, you are only required to fill it if your music had already been distributed previously.
Availability and preorder metadata are optional but available. Contributor credits such as producer, mixer, arranger, and performer credits are also available. Publishing information is required. If you already are registered with a performing rights organization or are affiliated with a publishing house, here is where you will be required to fill in your publisher information. If you do not have a publishing administrator, please contact us.
Assets right claim allows you to choose what you want to happen to your track or when your tracks are uploaded by other internet users.
You can choose to release claim, report, monetize or block the track.
This is where you should supply contributor credits.
In this example, if you would like to supply producer credits, input your producer’s name, and click “Add As New” if it is the first time you add the producer.
Click the drop down menu to select the role of credit you wish to supply.
Chose the role as appropriate and click it, it automatically saves on the platform.
Adding publisher information is required.
You will have to input your full legal name and click “Add As New” if it’s your first time.
If you are registered with ASCAP or BMI, you can input your publishing house as applicable.
After supplying all the information, you can then submit your release by clicking on “Submit”.
After submission, you will see a pop up box, should you want to drop a last minute note to us. If not, you can simply click on “Cancel”.
Congratulations! Now your release has been submitted. Once your release is submitted, it will be locked to prevent further editing. Then you will wait for the Quality control team to accept and deliver your track.
Please note that VerseOne Distribution doesn’t accept all artists and there is usually an application and screening process. To apply to join, follow the link below http://verseone.net/enter-distribution For questions and enquires, send an email to support@verseone.net Good Luck.    
If you are a musician, be it upcoming or famous and you wish to drop your music for fans to access it here online. You can send your songs or song to info@ugamusic.biz or Call Climate on +256771345613 for further help or Whatsapp at +256781999391.


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