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  • Sep 17, 2019
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Lwaaki Lyrics by Josh Buxton

Intro:I know dem kinda lifeI know dem kinda painI know dem kinda troubles nowBuxton Scope music tunawakawakawaka

Chorus:Lwaki temubafaako (Lwaaki?)Lwaki temubaliiko (Lwaaki?)Dem living in a shadowIn a double double trouble.....*2Dem living in a muddle...do do doSo dark like a shadow do do do Everyday demĀ  struggle...go go go...its not the way to go go go go

Verse 1:Stand up 4 kids now now thats the kind of love that I shareStand up 4 kids now that's the kind of love Zamaani nilikuwa mimi nawachuukiya aahKwa maana mimi nilikuwa sijui mawumivu yao but now...I know dem kinda lifeI know dem of fearsI know dem kinda trouble naweWandibade nga tobasekaBudde bwebuziba babeela mu kutya tya tyaAsa nawapokeya,Nawaombeya, nawasaidiaJameni tuwapokeye, tuwawombeye, tuwasaidieUkiwa na ela...(gawa gawa gawa)x2

(Chorus) Verse 2:The holy bible says that "let them children come to me now"For the kingdom of the Lord belongs to them do not deny them*2They can teacher, can be the preacherCan be the doctor,They can be the lawyerThey can soldier but the situation hinder

Asa nawapokeyaNawombeya nawasaidiaJameni tuwapokeye, tuwawombeye tuwasaidiye

Whenever whenever whenever yo togetherShare the love, share the joy, share theĀ  pain, share the gain...show them the way. X2(Chorus)


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