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Exclusive Interview With FRANK – Sanyuka TV Writer/Producer

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  • Feb 06, 2019
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Exclusive Interview With FRANK – Sanyuka TV Writer/Producer

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Frank is writer and executive producer at Sanyuka Tv (Next media). He is one of the few down to earth Ugandan Tv producers and most hardworking one too. He graciously took time out to tell us about his career and advice for the producer who wants to be into the Media.

UGAMUSIC: In one sentence, tell us who Frank is!?

I am this ambitious human being who loves to contribute to the Uganda he wants.

UGAMUSIC:  Can you share with us here and our readers, your short biography like in terms of your real name is you are okay with it, family and Education

I am the last born in a family of 3 boys. Born in Kampala, I am a professional Journalist, TV producer, Entertainment blogger. My true name is Muyanja Frank though i use Franatic frank Josh as my brand name.

UGAMUSIC: How does anyone prepare to be a television writer/producer?

There is no predetermined route to becoming a producer. A number of colleges offer courses in producing but it is impossible to master all the necessary skills by study alone. Self-discipline is my best feature, Being an honest person, good researching and Willingness to learn more. But all in all you have to be an Elite

UGAMUSIC:  How did Frank end up being the producer of Sanyuka Tv (Next Media)”?

I and Journalism are tight blood buddies. I am sure everyone is familiar with passion and profession. I am naturally passionate about media work and from my day one I did my best all day to achieve what i am.

UGAMUSIC: How did your career progress?

I graduated in 2015, joined Joy media as a freelance for a period of 8month where I was a producer, and both radio and TV host. After my period of study I stepped for more challenges where I had to join one of the big brands (NTV) a trainee for one month and it's from there that I was called for a greener opportunity by Next Media Services (NMS) still in the same year. My first role at NMS was being a Transmission Assistant under NBS STAR which is currently known as Sanyuka TV and after a period of one year I was tasked to be a producer to as well which was a better challenge too. From date to date have achieved my best up to dot that I hold many responsibilities under NMS.

UGAMUSIC:  What is the nature of television writing?

It means writing characters with pre-set voices and personalities in order to demonstrate that you are not only a powerful writer with an imagination, but also one who can follow the rules, and this means following the show’s formatting structure and overall “voice” of the show/ Story.

UGAMUSIC: What do you do outside your TV Production?

Besides media work, am a family man who holds other businesses which I would want to keep secretive because am that person who doesn't what to show off my wealth at all times.  But all in short am BOSS all in all.

UGAMUSIC:  We have a virus eating deep into the Ugandan music industry which is the issue of payola (paying to have music played on air). As a stakeholder in this industry, how do you think this can be managed?

In my position i believe talents don't buy talents. i believe this can solved by talents producing better works and also we the selectors to have love for our owner brands than exploiting them.

UGAMUSIC:  For those who admire what you do and have aspirations to follow in a similar path, how best is your career as a Tv Producer/Writer?

It’s The best career one can ever dream about.

UGAMUSIC:  Are you in a romantic relationship? And do you have a crush on someone in the same line of business?

Not at all

We must say thanks for your time Frank , you finally  accepted our short interview about your life in the media and your life too in general however much getting you was far fetched .

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